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Welcome to Bimi Bakery, LLC

Bimi Bakery, born in Lawrence, Kansas in 2013, specializes in Japanese style confections inspired by Japanese aesthetics and natural ingredients. We offer both traditional Japanese confections such as mochi and steamed buns, as well as Japanese-Western style confections like cookies and cakes. Some of our featured ingredients include matcha (powdered green tea), azuki (red beans), glutinous rice powder, ginger root, sesame seeds, umeboshi (pickled plums), Japanese sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and more. These ingredients create distinct flavors and textures, which give our products a unique identity.  We hope this website helps our products reach people throughout the U.S. and help Japanese confections become as popular as Japanese sushi in the future!


About the owner and proprietor of Bimi Bakery, LLC


I have been practicing Japanese tea ceremony in Lawrence, Kansas more than 10 years and my love for matcha inspired me to make matcha cookies. One of my friends tasted my cookies and was very enthusiastic and encouraged me to start selling them at Downtown Lawrence Farmers' Market in summer 2013. At the beginning, I was not certain how well my cookies would be received by people, especially those who are not familiar with matcha. To my surprise, during the Market season, many of the people who tasted my cookies gave me positive comments and became my regular customers throughout the season. I gradually increased my product offerings to include Japanese traditional sweets and gluten free baked goods. In 2018 I began offering special tea and tea and sweets-related gift products brought from Japan!


Bimi Bakery-Japanese Sweets with a twist!
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