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Select Teas from Japan

Why is Bimi selling green tea?

A cup of green tea enhances your enjoyment of Bimi Bakery’s treats! In Japan, Japanese sweets are often served with green tea at shops and restaurants and in homes. Finding quality, fresh green tea in local grocery stores or even at Asian markets can be a challenge. Online stores have more choices, but how to tell which is the best tea when there are hundreds for sale? Bimi Bakery has the solution. We hand-pick tea products in Japan to share with people who appreciate quality tea while enjoying Bimi Bakery’s treats!

Where does Bimi tea come from?

We connect with small, organic tea producers who practice sustainable agriculture, food safety, and environmental stewardship. Sugimotoen Tea Farm, a family-owned tea company in Shizuoka prefecture, in Western Japan, is one of these. In June 2018, we met with Sugimotoen tea farmers, visited their fields and their factory, sampled their teas, and carefully chose tea to bring to Kansas.

Sugimotoen Tea Farm has a long and successful history. Its owner adopted chemical-free tea cultivation about 25 years ago, when few farmers practiced organic methods. Since then, Sugimotoen has been producing tea without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They also grow Japanese rice, an ingredient for genmaicha (green tea with toasted brown rice). With our new partnership with Sugimotoen Tea Farm, Bimi Bakery is delighted to bring natural, fresh, delicious Japanese tea to our customers in Kansas and elsewhere!

Bimi Bakery-Japanese Sweets with a twist!
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