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This sampler pack contains 9 teabags.


We packaged three popular green teas in separate airtight bags for you to enjoy:


Sencha Green (steamed green tea leaves) x 3 tea bags

  • Smooth, refreshing, fresh grassy flavor.
  • Fukamushi technique (steamed for a longer time) provides rich flavor.
  • Great with Japanese treats

Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea


Genmaicha (blend of green tea and toasted brown rice kernels) x 3 teabags

  • Savory flavor, roasted rice aroma
  • Enjoy genmaicha by itself for its distinct flavor and aroma
  • Great with sweets or savory food!

Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea, brown rice


Hojicha (Roasted Japanese green tea) x 3 teabags

  • Mellow nutty flavor, low caffeine
  • Great for after meal refreshment or with meals

Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea

Bimi Tea Sampler

  • Brewing Tips

    Each tea bag contains about 2 grams of tea leaves, enough to enjoy 1- 2s cups tea. You can brew in a cup or pot.


    Hot tea: Sencha at 175°F (80°C) - 190°F (90°C), genmai-cha and hoji-cha at 190°F (90°C). Cover with lid, steep one minute. Steeping time varies with personal preference. Bimi’s recommendation is 1 - 2 minutes but no longer than 2 minutes.


    Cold tea:

    Place one tea bag in a glass/bottle (), chill in refrigerator at least 3 – 4 hours. The easiest way to make cold brew tea is to start it before going to bed so you can have nice drink ready in the morning!


    If you do not have time for the slow brew method, make hot tea and pour it over ice cubes. Easy, fast, delicious!


    Storing Tea

    Green tea is sensitive to heat and humidity. Bimi recommends storing tea in an air-tight container in a dark, cool place once the package is opened. Keep tea in your freezer or refrigerator for longer shelf life.

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